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Formulated for Sensitive Skin

Formulated for Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin is a silent life-long skin condition where more than 70% of the world’s population both male and female suffers from this mysterious and often misdiagnosed skin concern. Almost all such individuals remain either undiagnosed or untreated as conventional treatments often fail to provide relief. People with sensitive skin are unable to tolerate a host of chemicals or irritants and often their condition is sparked or made worse by external factors such as fluctuations in weather, sunlight exposure, chemical irritants, acidic products, heat, even ingestion of certain foods and by internal factors such as hormonal fluctuations, skin type and gender where females tend to be more prone to sensitive skin. However, the common factor in aggravating skin sensitivity are ingredients found in topical skincare. Scientific and clinical evidence clearly states that irritants like SLS, low pH substances, retinol, conventional preservatives and parfum may all trigger the elusive skin-pain TRP receptors found in the epidermis, the first layer of our skin.

A hyperactive TRP-system combined with an unhealthy, compromised and dry skin barrier will eventually result in sensitive skin. 

Sensitive skin is one of the many medical mysteries where almost no visible signs exist, making the diagnosis very difficult, where the clinician can only rely on objective findings as described or felt by the individual. Stinging, tingling, overt pain and itching all form the spectrum of symptoms that encompass sensitive skin. During the evolution of Asterias, we intentionally selected key ingredients with known low-triggering biochemical profiles that will almost entirely eliminate chances of triggering the TRP system within the skin, allowing people to regain their faith in topical skincare without having to worry about the pain and suffering that follows using certain cosmetic products. 

Asterias is the world’s first brand to use a non-irritating ocean-derived retinol-identical alternate combined with a complex deeply penetrating hyaluronic acid network that will heal the skin and calm the TRP-system along with restoring barrier functions, resulting in powerful rejuvenation in the most truthful sense. 

We created Asterias with pure intent and relentless passion, because we wanted to change lives, allow healing, and bring hope to the millions of people who yearn for products that will allow them to not only look but feel beautiful from within, and most importantly have a sense of peace. 

Nicole, founder of Asterias, has suffered from this painful condition all her life.  Results-driven products that did not irritate her skin was a gaping hole that could not be filled,  she set out to create something that would not only change her life but change the life of millions who also suffer from this condition.

Asterias was born out of this one powerful need:  Truth and transparency changes lives. By infusing this passion into each formula, Asterias will provide transformative results for the most sensitive skin. What can be more meaningful and fulfilling for a beauty brand?