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Clean Chemistry, Transparency and Safety

Clean Chemistry, Transparency and Safety

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Healthy skin and safe formulation practices will always be our #1 priority. Asterias was founded on the premise of three tenets: 100% transparency, conscious formulations and intentional ingredients. We believe in a minimalistic approach to beauty routines. Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin should never require fifteen products. Asterias was born from a desire to create only what is needed to attain the best possible version of you. Our selection of the most powerful, ethically sourced ingredients from around the globe, fragrance and synthetic color free treatments are just a few ways we have committed to being best in class within the clean beauty community. Our minimalistic approach leading the way by demonstrating less waste of natural resources and overall environmental preservation in the most sustainable way.

Locally manufactured, artisanal, small batch formulas guarantee your skincare investment will always be fresh and active ingredients at their highest potency, naturally preserved. Fresh, less waste, ethically sourced ingredients. Better for You, better for our Planet.

Our Clean Beauty Code was designed to provide transparency in how we choose to formulate. Asterias was first and foremost created for individuals with sensitive skin. Our selection of ingredients are carefully curated for those whom may be more vulnerable due to a weakened or highly reactive skin barrier. Taking into consideration the skin is not only the largest organ of our body but the most important one, what we apply to it matters, a lot. It is solely responsible for the continuity of our species. It is a master protector. This means we need a healthy, resilient and optimally hydrated barrier for our continued survival.

We do not compromise on purity or quality. We adhere to eco-conscious planet loving philosophies where we go to great lengths to preserve our ingredients using a complex enzyme preservation formula. There will ultimately be formulas where choosing an ethically, sustainable, animal derived ingredient is the safest profile to deliver healthy, clean and truly transformational results while not sacrificing the superior performance we require for a skincare product. 

Asterias is cruelty-free, we do not test on animals. None of our ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals. The only instance an animal derived ingredient would be utilized is when it is deemed the safest profile for those with highly reactive skin. 

Our formulations are housed in recyclable glass containers. Asterias is 100% plastic-free.