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The Truth about Peptides

The Truth about Peptides

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Why Consistency and Commitment are Key to Long Term Transformations

Our DNA and RNA are a chain of small protein fragments known as amino acids, linked up systematically in a particular order to make up our unique genetic imprint. Each cell in our body is made up of protein without which our body would cease to function. Proteins play a vital role in cellular regeneration and cell-to-cell communication. Aging, stress, disease, solar radiation and exposure to pollution results in an internal imbalance of this important substance where enzymatic destruction is triggered and protein homeostasis is disturbed. We are left with diminishing levels of protein in our body that will lead to poor health and consequently unhealthy skin. 

This is where cosmetic science steps in allowing us to incorporate these depleting substances into pioneering topical skincare formulations so that beauty and radiance is restored non-invasively. 

In the world of skincare, proteins hold an important significance. Through advanced formulating we are able to recreate this miraculous molecule in order to benefit the skin via various beneficial pathways. The problem is that proteins are huge molecules and thus incapable of penetrating the thick epidermis. One method by which scientists have solved this issue is by cleaving proteins and creating small molecular weight portions that are able to cross the dermal matrix topically. These fragments, known as peptides (short chain sequences of amino acids) have garnered much interest from the scientific/cosmetic community as they have the ability to aid protein associated functions, thus helping cells survive oxidative stress. Further, scientific advances have resulted in more complex multi-functional next generation cosmetic peptides that have the ability to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin in a non-invasive, non-drug like and safe manner. We are just at the brink of advanced skincare innovations where peptide science will change the skincare industry in ways never before envisioned. Sophisticated and cutting-edge peptide infused topical solutions will help manage the signs of stressed and aging skin and become the leaders in next generation skincare. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Statistical measurements obtained from various cosmetic studies indicate that the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, is an efficient depot for topically introduced cosmetic ingredients. Remember that our skin is a constantly  replicating, regenerative and dynamic organ but first and foremost a barrier, therefore skincare products must be applied regularly and consistently if you want to achieve transformational results. 

The biggest issue people face with topical skincare is that they go in with unrealistic expectations or desire instant results. Topical management requires patience, time and commitment as you are dealing with 25 layers of tough dead skin cells and allowing substances to be optimally deposited so that they can provide maximum benefit as peak concentrations are gradually achieved over sustained timelines. The human skin cycle is the time it takes for the daughter cells in the basal layer of the epidermis to reach the complete maturation stage. It takes about 26-42 days for this entire cell cycle to happen real-time. Now, aging and other oxidative processes result in delayed cell cycles which means it will take that much longer for your skincare products to work optimally. What this translates to practically is that you need to apply beneficial ingredients regularly for at least a few skin cycles so that important ingredients are optimally deposited at the site of action to provide you with the full spectrum of benefits.

Consistency is key in achieving transformative results when you are managing skin health in a non-invasive manner. Short term skin health should not be the goal, the goal should be allowing your skin to rejuvenate in a gentle yet powerful manner over a long term period through consistent applications of intentional products. 

Studies indicate that transformational results using topical skincare products will take approximately between 3-6 months to take full effect, not forgetting factors like age, skin type, condition of your skin, internal health, level of cellular hydration, environmental damage, severity of sun damage, previous and current skincare routines and diet. Skin absorption dynamics is complex and will depend on all these factors mentioned above, along with the type of formulation and delivery system of ingredients, in order for your products to provide maximum benefits. 

Please allow enough time for precious ingredients, especially peptides in your skincare products to give you desired results, and remember that just like your health, caring for your skin is a life long commitment where self-care is part of overall well-being and inner growth. 

Set realistic goals when you are managing your skin topically. This approach will ensure skin health and beauty for years to come and give you the best value for your investments. Patience and regular use of your skincare products will yield maximum results over realistic timelines. 

Real transformation is a form of self-care and you most certainly deserve it, don't you think?

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